With an eye on its own mesopotamian origins, Oannes Consulting GmbH is dedicated to understand the past in order to shape the future.

As a media, consulting and technology company, we are committed to grasp the positive aspects that emerge from the developments of the respective eras – together with the determination to shape a future that advocates equality, promotes technology and creates harmony.

Oannes, the deity shown on the right, belongs to the Babylonian mythology. It was the duty of this mystical half-fish, half-human hybrid to emerge from the Red Sea every day to bring knowledge to mankind through philosophy, mathematics, astrology….. . At night Oannes went back to the sea. He is considered as the first “culture bringer” of the known world.

Left in the picture, facing the future, the technological progress of mankind is shown in the form of a female AI (Artificial Intelligence) reaching for the stars.

Knowledge, used correctly, inspires humankind and makes the world a better, fairer and safer place.

In our different business units (media, consulting, journalism), which are all connected with each other and regardless of whether our activities take place in the media, cultural, technological or political field, we, as Oannes Consulting, are aiming to do just that:

To make the world a little bit better.
We can achieve this together, with important insights and the knowledge that comes with it right behind us.
By looking into the future and heralding a much needed union between ethics and technological progress, we will, out of a primal human instinct, succeed together.

We are using our platforms and economic capabilities to achieve this very goal, which we refer to as the “P2F” code.

Simon Jacob,

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